Nourish the Body. Heal the mind. Fuel your soul.

Welcome to Howland Health and Wellness.

Now Open in our NEW Location!

525 Niles Cortland Rd SE Warren, OH


Enjoy the same great service, commitment to your health, and personalized focus on your body; all brought to you by the same faces and family you’ve grown to love. Howland Health and Wellness is a brand new expansion of four bespoke offerings, tailored to making Howland and its surrounding communities a better, healthier place. From our traditional chiropractic and neurological support to now physical therapy offerings and two new ways to enjoy a refreshed lifestyle, HHW is here for you.

Heal. Body. Mind. Soul.

Chiropractic and Neurology

Providing the latest technology and our years of professional expertise as we serve the area in correctional and maintained nervous system and spinal health.

Physical Therapy

Helping you get back to enjoying your life with increased mobility exercise and range of motion manipulation. An asset to sports and work related injuries, common accidents, or simply helping you get the most out of your body as you age.

IV Infusions

Speed recovery times, find new energy or simply ease your mind and body with our new lineup of professionally administered IV infused drip services.

Juice Bar

Natural blends of expertly cultured beverages to refresh, renew and rejuvenate the body. Available in our lobby for on-the-go lifestyles or a tasty treat as you wait.

Inspiring your body and mind to achieve a better, healthier tomorrow. Live Well with Howland Heath and Wellness.